Why Is It Important To Study Black History

Why Is It Important To Study Black History?

Because it helps us to remember there is no more powerful force than a people steeped in their history. And there is no higher cause than honoring our struggle and ancestors by remembering.

Why is black history important?

It began as a way of remembering important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. It is celebrated in February in the United States and Canada while in Ireland and the United Kingdom it is observed in October.
Black History Month
Frequency Annual

Why is education important in the black community?

African Americans had other reasons for making literacy a priority after slavery ended. Many hoped that education would improve their economic circumstances and offer some protection from fraud and exploitation. They also saw education as important preparation for participating in civic life.

How has black culture influenced society?

Black culture’s influence on American culture doesn’t end with its contributions to music. Fashion is also a category in which Blacks have made their own unique contributions many of which have become noted milestones in the fashion industry. Fashion within Black culture began with church style in the South.

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What do you learn in African American history?

Learn about the political economic social religious and cultural factors that have influenced African American life meet individuals who changed the course of history and explore how the African American story still influences current events. …

Where can I learn about black history?

Best African American History Apps and Websites
  • PBS LearningMedia. Treasure trove of lesson resources will benefit from adaptation. …
  • Learning for Justice. …
  • Library of Congress. …
  • EDSITEment. …
  • Alabama Civil Rights Trail. …
  • Ken Burns in the Classroom. …
  • National Archives. …
  • Slavery at Monticello: Life and Work at Mulberry Row.

What was the most important institution in the African American community?

Historically the church the family and the school are the three most critical institutions whose interactions have been responsible for the viability of the African American community (Roberts 1980).

Why is there an achievement gap between black and white students?

One potential explanation for racial achievement gaps is that they are largely due to socioeconomic disparities between white black and Hispanic families. Black and Hispanic children’s parents typically have lower incomes and lower levels of educational attainment than white children’s parents.

Why is equal access to education important?

Everyone deserves the same education. … This then leads to equal educational opportunities which is providing the same resources opportunities and treatment for each student. Equality is treating everyone the same. Equity means every student’s needs are met so that they giving the same opportunity to succeed.

How did the Black Power movement impact the fight for civil rights?

With its emphasis on Black racial identity pride and self-determination Black Power influenced everything from popular culture to education to politics while the movement’s challenge to structural inequalities inspired other groups (such as Chicanos Native Americans Asian Americans and LGBTQ people) to pursue …

What are the key values that are associated with the African American community?

Previous research on African-Americans born in the U.S. affirms their espousal of collectivistic values emphasizing family closeness community bonding and solidarity but they also espouse some individualistic values particularly pertinent to the “horizontal” values of autonomy.

What did Black culture invent?

Black innovators changed the way we live through their contributions from the traffic light to the ironing board. Most people have heard about famous inventions like the light bulb the cotton gin and the iPhone.

What is in African studies?

The field includes the study of Africa’s history (Pre-colonial colonial post-colonial) demography (ethnic groups) culture politics economy languages and religion (Islam Christianity traditional religions). A specialist in African studies is often referred to as an “africanist”.

What were the early objectives of Black Studies?

What were the basic objectives of Black studies? Teach black experience with special attention to history and culture develop a body of knowledge and use it in interest of black people Create individuals who are dedicated to community service Bring community to the campus and community.

What is African studies as an academic discipline?

African American Studies is an academic discipline directed towards the study of the history culture politics and literature of African Americans. On the other hand Africana Studies or Africology focuses on all peoples of African origin both in Africa and in the African diaspora across the world.

What is the role of the black church?

From its emergence in the late 18th century to its present day relevance the black church has and will always serve as a safe haven for African Americans a place to worship God together and a place where we are motivated to rebuild our communities.

What role did black churches play in the civil rights movement?

African American churches were vital to the success of the civil rights movement. They hosted mass meetings were meeting points for rallies and marches and provided much-needed emotional physical moral and spiritual support.

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Who was the first black governor?

Lawrence Douglas Wilder (born January 17 1931) is an American lawyer and politician who served as the 66th Governor of Virginia from 1990 to 1994. He was the first African American to serve as governor of a U.S. state since the Reconstruction era and the first African American ever elected as governor.

How can I help black students succeed?

7 Ways Teachers Can Support Black and Brown Students
  1. Start with yourself. …
  2. See Their Strengths. …
  3. Build Trusting Relationships. …
  4. Teach Relationship Skills. …
  5. Bring Their Lives into the Classroom. …
  6. Make Their Identities Visible. …
  7. Represent Diverse Identities in Your Curriculum.

Why do black students underachieve?

When black students seek to reaffirm themselves as members of their culture she contends they tend to unwittingly insure their academic failure primarily because aspects of African-American culture are viewed negatively in the school context and in the larger context of American society.

Why do black students have lower test scores?

But Black and Hispanic or Latino students routinely score lower on the math section of the SAT — a likely result of generations of exclusionary housing education and economic policy — which too often means that rather than reducing existing race gaps using the test in college admissions reinforces them.

Why is equal access important?

Why Provide “Equal Access”? Providing equal access removes discrimination and protects human rights. An accessible built environment provides the opportunity for all people to fully participate in and contribute to their families communities and society.

How does equitable access impact the students?

The impact of equity gaps is real. Recent research indicates that inequitable access places poor students two to four weeks behind their counterparts in reading and math accounting for about 2 percent to 4 percent of the achievement gap.

Why is equitable access important?

But equitable access means more than simply providing devices and connectivity. It also means giving every student the opportunity to learn from teachers who understand how to use technology to both enhance learning and create quality learning experiences for students with special needs.

What was the Black Power movement explain?

The Black Power Movement of the 1960s and 1970s was a political and social movement whose advocates believed in racial pride self-sufficiency and equality for all people of Black and African descent.

What did the black arts movement do?

The Black Arts Movement was a Black nationalism movement that focused on music literature drama and the visual arts made up of Black artists and intellectuals.

Which cultural influence came from the black power?

Change in Lifestyles. The Black power movement did not only result in a change of mindset it also resulted in a change of lifestyle. The pride in their black identity encouraged some African American people to change their names they adopted African names instead of the white names they have been given.

How can I learn black culture?

Celebrating Black History Month: 10 Ways Your Student Can Learn About Black History and Culture in America
  1. Celebrate with Cross-Curricular Activities. …
  2. Read a Book About the African American Experience History and Culture. …
  3. Watch a Documentary. …
  4. Plan a Full Lesson on Historical Topics.

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Why is family important to the black community?

[14] Family and kin networks also serve as an important buffer for some of the negative impacts of structural and institutional racism experienced by Black families [15] and frequently provide emotional support and instrumental assistance such as help with transportation and finances.

What does the black family represent?

What does it mean to be a black family? In todays society a typical black family would be described as a single parent home drug and/or alcohol abuse or being on welfare (Stereotypes of African Americans).

What are the significance of African studies?

Consider the following benefits of an Africana Studies major or minor: Understand the World from an Africana-informed Perspective. Connect and Critique Various Forms of Inequality. Achieve Your Personal Professional and Academic Goals.

What is the mission of Black Studies?

The central mission of the Black Studies Department is to prepare students to critically understand conduct research and interpret the complex histories societies and cultures of people of African descent in the United States Africa and the Diaspora.

What are the objectives of African studies?

Demonstrate an understanding about the rich complexities of social political economic environmental and cultural life among African African American and a variety of African diaspora peoples past and present as well as the possible interrelations of peoples of African descent worldwide.

What are the three basic areas of focus of the Black Studies mission?

What are the three basic areas of focus of the Black Studies mission? Cultural grounding academic excellence and social responsibility.

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