Why Did Axum Become A Prosperous Trading Center

Why Did Axum Become A Prosperous Trading Center?

Why did Axum become a prosperous trading center? It benefited from its location on the Red Sea and became an important stop on the trade rout linking Africa Mediterranean and India. It exported ivory incense and enslaved people and imported cloth metal goods and olive oil.

What advantage did Aksum have that made it a great trading market?

Aksum managed trade between India and the Mediterranean in ivory gold emeralds silk spices agricultural products salt exotic animals manufactured goods and much more. In the first century CE Aksum flourished. They could afford to build a powerful navy to patrol the Red Sea and protect their trade routes.

What made Axum a major trading partner?

Considered as important as the empires in Rome Persia and China the kingdom of Aksum arose in the Horn of Africa. This location provided access to trade in the Red Sea Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean allowing it to become a powerful trading hub.

How did Axum in East Africa make money?

Aksum’s access to both the Red Sea and the Upper Nile enabled its strong navy to profit in trade between various African (Nubia) Arabian (Yemen) and Indian states. … They traded with Roman traders as well as with Egyptian and Persian merchants. The empire was also rich with gold and iron deposits.

When did Aksum start becoming a major trading hub?

Research shows that Aksum was a major naval and trading power from the 1st to the 7th centuries C.E. As a civilization it had a profound impact upon the people of Egypt southern Arabia Europe and Asia all of whom were visitors to its shores and in some cases were residents.

What made Axum such a large center for trade?

Aksum was perfectly located to become a major center of trade. Merchants would travel from central Africa Persia India and Egypt bringing their goods to Aksum to trade. Aksum had access to several different trade routes including major waterways such as the Red Sea the Gulf of Aden and the Nile River.

How did Axum become a powerful city?

It grew mostly because of its trade with the ancient Romans and with India at the height of its power the empire was strong enough to create its own money.

Why was the Axum kingdom important?

A major empire of the ancient world the kingdom of Aksum arose in Ethiopia during the first century C.E. This wealthy African civilization thrived for centuries controlling a large territorial state and access to vast trade routes linking the Roman Empire to the Middle East and India.

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What is unique about the kingdom of Axum?

It was the first sub-Saharan African state to mint its own coinage and around 350 CE the first to officially adopt Christianity. Axum even created its own script Ge’ez which is still in use in Ethiopia today.

What were the achievements of the Axum empire?

The Kingdom of Aksum is notable for a number of achievements such as its own alphabet the Ge’ez alphabet. Under Emperor Ezana Aksum adopted Christianity which gave rise to the present-day Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church.

Why was Axum well positioned to become important in international trade?

Why was Axum well positioned to become important in international trade? Because of its proximity to the Red Sea. … The Mongols allowed free trade throughout the Silk Road while the Islamic caliphate had it closed down.

What role did trade and commerce have in Axum?

Aksum which existed between the 1st century CE and the 8th century CE was one of the most important kingdoms of the ancient world because of its role in early Christianity and its commercial achievements. For most of the 3rd and 4th centuries CE it was Rome’s biggest trading partner to the West. …

How did Axum maintain power?

The Christian kingdom of Axum maintained its religious hegemony by denying the Axumite Muslims the right to build mosques in the city. … Throughout its reign Axum’s political leaders built monuments the most important of which was the obelisk of Axum constructed by Ezana to pay tribute to the kingdom’s new faith.

How does Aksum relate to Axum?

Aksum also spelled Axum powerful kingdom in northern Ethiopia during the early Christian era. During the 4th century the kings of Aksum were Christianized—thus becoming both politically and religiously linked to Byzantine Egypt. … At the same time they extended their authority into southern Arabia.

What factors made Axum culturally unique from its neighbors?

Axum was culturally unique overall because of location trade and religion.

Which city was a center of trade and learning in West Africa?


Timbuktu is a city in Mali in West Africa that was founded 1 800 years ago.

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What was the economic basis of Axum?

Axum was a powerful kingdom in ancient Africa near modern-day Ethiopia. From roughly 100-940 CE it was a major economic center that mediated trade between Europe and India. Axum was a trading nation meaning that its economy was almost entirely dependent on export and the international economy.

What role did trade routes played in the development of Africa?

The trade routes of Ancient Africa played an important role in the economy of many African Empires. Goods from Western and Central Africa were traded across trade routes to faraway places like Europe the Middle East and India. What did they trade? The main items traded were gold and salt.

What was the political system of Axum?


What made Axum wealthy?

Aksum’s wealth was derived from its location on the Red Sea which allowed the Aksumites to exchange spices ivory ebony and animal shells with Egypt Greece Rome and lands as far away as Persia and India. … Aksumite kings used their wealth to build impressive palaces and granite monuments.

Which goods did traders bring to Axum from the interior of Africa providing evidence of the extent of the trade routes?

From the interior of Africa traders brought ivory animal hides and gold to the markets of Axum. Goods from farther south along the African coast came to the harbor of Adulis on the Red Sea.

What achievements and advances were made in Aksum?

The Kingdom of Aksum is notable for a number of achievements such as its own alphabet the Ge’ez alphabet. Under Emperor Ezana Aksum adopted Christianity which gave rise to the present-day Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahdo Church.

What is Axum quizlet?

Axum was the center of trade it had a perfect location. It also control the enter/exit points to the Red Sea.

What was the impact of trade on the city-states of East Africa?

What was the impact of trade on the city-states of East Africa? Trade was responsible for bringing different cultures to the cities which led to the spread of Islam. Trade also helped change the regions architecture and assisted in the development of the Swahili language.

How did trade affect the culture of East African city-states?

Trade led to cultural influences (Arab African Muslim) blending throughout coast of East Africa. … Many African rulers controlling these city-states adopted Islam + mosques later were built in cities/towns while many Africans still rpaciced local traditions (animism).

What is unique about the kingdom of Axum compared to other ancient societies you have studied?

Because of the influence from many areas it developed a unique blended culture. One of the most advanced cultures of ancient Africa the Axum people created their own written language built massive towers called stelae and developed sophisticated farming and irrigation techniques.

How did the history of Meroe and Axum?

How did the history of Meroe and Axum reflect interaction with neighboring civilizations? … Axum adopted Christianity from the Roman world in the fourth century C.E. primarily through Egyptian influence and the region once controlled by Meroë also adopted Christianity in the 340s C.E. following Meroë’s decline.

What were the impacts of the rise of Islam on Axum?

The establishment of Islam in Egypt and the Levant greatly reduced Aksum’s relations with the major Christian power the Byzantine Empire. Although contact with individual Christian churches in Egypt and other lands continued the Muslim conquests hastened the isolation of the church in Aksum.

What impact did the Indian Ocean trade have on the Swahili States?

As a consequence of long-distance trading routes crossing the Indian Ocean the Swahili were influenced by Arabic Persian Indian and Chinese cultures. During the 10th century several city-states flourished along the Swahili Coast and adjacent islands including Kilwa Malindi Gedi Pate Comoros and Zanzibar.

What were the impacts of the rise of Islam on Axum quizlet?

The spread of Islam caused Aksum to decline and eventually fall. This happened because Adulis was destroyed and their land was taken from them. This caused Aksum to be cut off from other trade ports and they declined as an international trade power.

The Empire of Aksum (Axum)

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