Why Can The Removal Of Vegetation Trigger Mass Movements

Why Can The Removal Of Vegetation Trigger Mass Movements?

Vegetation removal can trigger mass wasting. Vegetation stabilizes soil. When it is removed from a slope the slope is vulnerable to water and wind erosion. Earthquakes can also play a role in mass wasting due to the violent shaking they cause.Sep 27 2021

Why can the removal of vegetation trigger mass movements quizlet?

Why can the removal of vegetation trigger mass movements? The plant roots bind the soil and regolith together.

Does vegetation prevent mass movement?

Trees and root columns can prevent shallow mass movement through acting as piles when there is buttressing and soil arching through a woody deep root system which has multiple sinker roots with embedded stems and laterals.

What can trigger mass movements?

Such factors include: weathering or erosional debris cover on slopes which is usually liable to mass movement the character and structure of rocks such as resistant permeable beds prone to sliding because of underlying impermeable rocks the removal of the vegetation cover which increases the slope’s susceptibility …

How does deforestation increase mass movement?

With increasing deforestation seepage forces become more important than slope steepness to the development of slope movements. The wetness index of deforested slope units rises as the net rainfall increases and the saturated soil transmissivity drops.

How does water trigger mass movements quizlet?

How does water trigger mass movements? Water fills the pores in sediment allowing the particles to slide past one another more easily. … Loose soil particles can maintain a relatively stable slope up to a certain angle. If the steepness of a slope exceeds that angle mass movements become more likely.

Which is one of the most dramatic triggers of sudden mass movements?

Term what is mechanical weathering Definition the physical disintegration of rock resulting in smaller fragments
Term one of the most dramatic triggers of sudden mass movements is a(n) Definition earthquake

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How does vegetation cause mass movement?

Vegetation removal can trigger mass wasting. Vegetation stabilizes soil. When it is removed from a slope the slope is vulnerable to water and wind erosion. Earthquakes can also play a role in mass wasting due to the violent shaking they cause.

What is removal of vegetation?

Clearing of vegetation can lead to the spread of weeds by opening up areas of bare soil for weed seeds to germinate and decreased competition from native species. … vegetation clearing which involves the removal of or damage to a threatened plant or animal requires a permit.

What are the controls and triggers of mass wasting?

Steep slopes widely varying altitude ranges (relief) the thickness of the loose earth material planes of weakness parallel to the slopes frequent freezing and thawing high water content in the earth material dry conditions with occasional heavy rainfall and sparse vegetation are the factors that contribute to …

Which of the following is a triggering mechanism for mass wasting?

The most common triggering mechanism for mass wasting is: vibrations due to earthquake and a sudden influx of excessive water. Most block slides occur because the strata are highly fractured.

What causes mass movement quizlet?

Gravity causes mass movement. Types of mass movement: landslides mudslides slump and creep. The most destructive kind of mass movement is a landslide which occurs when rock and soil slide quickly down a steep slope.

What is spread in mass movement?

e) Spreads: A spread is an extension of a cohesive soil or rock mass combined with a general subsidence of the fractured mass of cohesive material into softer underlying material. The rupture surface is not a surface of intense shear. Spreads may result from liquefaction or flow (and extrusion) of the softer material.

What is an effect of deforestation?

The loss of trees and other vegetation can cause climate change desertification soil erosion fewer crops flooding increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and a host of problems for indigenous people.

How do cutting of trees affect the stability of land mass?

By clearing a large section of land by cutting down all the trees the soil is made less stable which can lead to dangerous landslides. The physical geography of rivers mountains and plains can all be affected by deforestation and the clear-cutting of large pieces of forest around the world.

How does mass movement affect the environment?

Mass movements affect the following elements of the environment: (1) the topography of the earth’s surface particularly the morphologies of mountain and valley systems both on the continents and on the ocean floors (2) the character/quality of rivers and streams and groundwater flow (3) the forests that cover much …

What is true about water triggering mass movements?

Heavy rains and rapid melting of snow can trigger mass movements by saturating surface materials with water. b. When the pores in sediment become filled with water the particles slide past one another more easily. … Saturation of the ground with water makes slopes more susceptible to the force of gravity.

What can trigger mass movements by saturating surface materials with water?

Heavy rains and the rapid melting of snow can trigger mass movements by saturating surface materials with water. If the steepness of a slope exceeds the stable angle mass movements become more likely.

Does water increase mass movement?

The Role of Water

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Although water is not always directly involved as the transporting medium in mass movement processes it does play an important role. Addition of water from rainfall or snow melt adds weight to the slope.

Which mass movement poses the greatest risk to human life because it moves so quickly?

Mudslide poses the greatest risk to human life because it moves so quickly. Explanation: Mudslide is the gravity assisted movement of the debris.


Slump moves materials as a large block along a curved surface (figure 7). Slumps often happen when a slope is undercut with no support for the overlying materials or when too much weight is added to an unstable slope.

When a rock is exposed to chemical weathering it?

Chemical weathering changes the molecular structure of rocks and soil. For instance carbon dioxide from the air or soil sometimes combines with water in a process called carbonation. This produces a weak acid called carbonic acid that can dissolve rock.

What is a mass wasting trigger?

Mass-wasting events often have a trigger: something changes that cause a landslide to occur at a specific time. It could be rapid snowmelt intense rainfall earthquake shaking volcanic eruption storm waves rapid-stream erosion or human activities such as grading a new road.

Which of the following can trigger a landslide?

Landslides can be initiated in slopes already on the verge of movement by rainfall snowmelt changes in water level stream erosion changes in ground water earthquakes volcanic activity disturbance by human activities or any combination of these factors.

Which among the factors greatly affect the movement of the particles down the slope?

Ultimately this comes down to the dynamics of two factors: gravity and steepness of slope. The steeper the slope the greater potential for gravity to pull objects down. The shallower the slope the less effect gravity has on pulling objects down.

Why is vegetation being removed?

Other reasons to clear vegetation might include to remove hazardous plant species dangerous substances or refuse left from fly-tipping. Clearance work such as this can reduce antisocial behaviour clear dangerous or diseased trees and vegetation and clear an area that is disused unsightly and dangerous.

Why do we need vegetation removal?

Native vegetation is crucial for the health of New South Wales’ environment supporting agricultural productivity as well as the biodiversity that is central to Australia’s cultural identity. Native vegetation: controls erosion through protecting soils and riverbanks. reduces land degradation and salinity.

How does vegetation removal affect the environment?

Land clearing is a fundamental pressure on the environment. It causes the loss fragmentation and degradation of native vegetation and a variety of impacts on our soils (e.g. erosion and loss of nutrients) waterways and coastal regions (e.g. sedimentation and pollution).

What is the main cause of mass wasting?

It can be triggered by natural events like earthquakes volcanic eruptions and flooding but gravity is its driving force. Although gravity is the driving force of mass wasting it is impacted mainly by the slope material’s strength and cohesiveness as well as the amount of friction acting on the material.

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How do human activities help trigger mass wasting events?

One of the most common anthropogenic causes of mass wasting is road construction and this applies both to remote gravel roads built for forestry and mining and large urban and regional highways. Road construction is a potential problem for two reasons.

What is the main cause of mass wasting Brainly?

Answer: mass wasting Once rock material has been broken down into smaller unstable pieces by weathering the material has the potential to move down slope called mass wasting (also called a mass movement or a landslide) because of gravity.

Can mass wasting be triggered by tectonic plate movement?

Mass wasting is influenced by slope material strength water content and amount of vegetation. Mass wasting can be triggered by storms earthquakes eruptions and human activity. … Areas that are affected by plate tectonics tend to be more prone to mass wasting.

Which of the following does not trigger mass wasting?

There are various factors which trigger mass movement. Some of the most important are: saturation of surface material vibrations during earthquakes oversteepened slopes. What does not trigger mass movement is rich vegetation on slopes.

What force causes all types of mass movement quizlet?

Gravity: the most important factor in causing mass movements.

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