Where Is The Divide

Where Is The Divide?

The Divide is a common term for a stretch of devastated land in the northwestern Mojave Wasteland in 2281. It is located on the Nevada/California border with Big MT situated to the south. It is the setting of Lonesome Road.

How do you get to the divide?

Quest stages

Activate the Ashton Missile Silo lift and head for the Divide. Survive the elevator ride to Ashton Missile Silo. Make your way to the roof of the collapsed office building and reach the Divide. Traverse the Divide.

Where is Hopeville in real life?

Hopeville is an unincorporated community on the North Fork South Branch Potomac River in Grant County West Virginia United States.

When was the divide destroyed New Vegas?


The Destruction of the Divide was an event in New California during the year 2277.

Where is the Big MT?

The Big MT Research Facility Big MT or Big Empty was a privately owned pre-War defense contractor industrial research center located south of Hopeville in 2281. It serves as the game-world for the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.

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Where is the divide in Destiny 2?

The Divide is a location in Old Russia that is controlled by the Fallen.

How long is Lonesome Road DLC?

It’s fairly long 5 hours ish. Not overly difficult but the enemies can be pretty lethal.

Where is the divide IRL?

The Divide’s location is geographically similar to that of the real world Death Valley covering the state line of Nevada and California in the Mojave Desert. The real world former town of Ashton Nevada is located here and the nuclear weapon testing facility the Nevada Test Site is located to the northeast.

When was hopeville destroyed?

In 1860 the village of Hopeville reached its zenith with the tremendous demands for woolens. At this time it was owned by Edwin Lanthrop and Company and prospered until 1881 when the mill was destroyed by fire never to be rebuilt.

How do you discover the long 15?

The Gate to Long 15 is a location in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281. It is located on the southwestern edge of the Mojave Outpost. It allows access to Long 15 if the Courier chooses to launch the nukes against the NCR during the completion of the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.

Why does Ulysses blame the courier?

Ulysses was the sole known un-mutated survivor and he believed the Divide was where a new nation greater than both the NCR and Legion could have been born so he blamed C6 for the catastrophe.

Can you get Ulysses as a follower?

After finishing the events of Lonesome Road if Ulysses survived you can recruit him as a permanent companion to follow you throughout the Mojave.

Where does dead money take place?

the Sierra Madre

Synopsis. Dead Money is set in the Sierra Madre an opulent and extravagant resort that would have been the greatest casino in the west had it ever been opened.

Is the Laer a laser weapon?

Perk effects

The LAER (“Laser Assisted Electrical Rifle“) is a weapon in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.

Can I go back to Big MT?

Upon being released from the Brotherhood of Steel in Hidden Valley the Big Mountain Transportalponder! may not be returned.

Why is Big MT a crater?

The Big MT Research and Development Center was originally built inside a cave system running underneath a large mountain peak (hence the name). … Due to a failed experiment conducted in the Y-0 research center the mountain above the center was vaporized leaving behind a giant crater and the exposed facility.

Where is Cosmodrome Destiny 2?

The Cosmodrome is a shipyard located in Old Russia holding the abode of Warmind Rasputin and the Replication chamber of SIVA.

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How do you play 2 Cosmodrome in destiny?

To start the New Light quest open the Director and select the Cosmodrome. Instead of being offered a place to land in the patrol area it will pop up with a “Launch” option. Hit Launch to be on your way to the first step A Guardian Rises. The mission goes just about exactly how Destiny 1 players will remember it.

Where is Shaw Han?

Shaw Han will be found on the Cosmodrome the rebuilt area from the original Destiny that will be returning to the game in Beyond Light.

How do you get to dry wells?

The boat to Dry Wells is a location in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281. It is located on the western shore of Cottonwood Cove. It allows access to Dry Wells if the Courier chooses to launch the nukes against Caesar’s Legion during the completion of the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.

How long does it take to beat Fallout 3?

On average it takes nearly 23 hours to beat the primary storyline of Fallout 3 compared to Fallout 2’s 30 hours. Although the amount of additional content to explore across the Wasteland can push that total up to around 54 hours if players take on side quests and explore more areas in the Wasteland.

Can you play New Vegas after lonesome road?

Yes. The only quest which ends the game is the battle at the dam. Once you beat LR you go back to the wasteland and claim your prize(s) and continue playing as before.

Is Death Valley in Fallout: New Vegas?

Appearances. Death Valley is mentioned in the Vault Dweller’s Survival Guide and the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Honest Hearts.

Where does Honest Hearts take place?

Zion National Park
Honest Hearts takes you on an expedition to the unspoiled wilderness of Utah’s Zion National Park.

What is the divide based on?

By weaving these stories with news archive from 1979 to the present day The Divide creates a lyrical psychological and tragi-comic picture of how economic division creates social division. The film is inspired by the critically-acclaimed best-selling book “The Spirit Level” by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett.

Where is Ulysses after lonesome road?

If Ulysses lives after the quest The End or The Apocalypse he can be found near the pass to canyon wreckage where he will help the Courier make campfire recipes.

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Where is the Tesla Cannon in Fallout New Vegas?

Location. The Tesla-Beaton prototype can be found at the crashed vertibird next to a skeleton near the old nuclear test site far southeast.

What is the long 15 Fallout New Vegas?

Background. It is part of the pre-War Interstate 15 and is used by the New California Republic as a minor military base and a checkpoint for travelers heading to and from the Mojave Wasteland.

Why does Ulysses wear a mask?

Characteristics. This face mask is designed to protect the wearer from environmental hazards. … When Ulysses is encountered in the Divide he will be wearing this mask along with his duster.

What was Ulysses message?

My message is this – the destruction that has been wrought at the Divide – or elsewhere if you couldn’t stop me… It can happen again. It will keep happening. If war doesn’t change men must change and so must their symbols.

Who are you that do not know your history?

Courier : If we share history then before going forward I want to know the past. Ulysses : “Who are you who do not know your history?” You came all this way for answers. Only currency I have. Nothing else to be gained.

What is Courier name?

The Courier also known as Courier Six is the player character and main protagonist of Fallout: New Vegas.

What happened Elder Elijah?

He stubbornly refused to give ground but salvation never came and when NCR finally overran the perimeter Elijah simply disappeared into the wastes without a warning to anyone not even Veronica and was assumed to have deserted the Brotherhood.

How do you stop the missile from Lonesome Road?

Quick walkthrough

Go to the missile control panel and attempt to stop the missile launch. Select to have ED-E hack the missiles and stop the launch.

Where is the north/south divide?

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