Where Does The Niger River Start

Where does the Niger river begin and end?

Its source is in the Guinea Highlands in southeastern Guinea near the Sierra Leone border. It runs in a crescent through Mali Niger on the border with Benin and then through Nigeria discharging through a massive delta known as the Niger Delta (or the Oil Rivers) into the Gulf of Guinea in the Atlantic Ocean.

Where is the source of river Niger and river Benue?

It rises in the Adamawa Plateau of northern Cameroon from where it flows west and through the town of Garoua and Lagdo Reservoir into Nigeria south of the Mandara mountains and through Jimeta Ibi and Makurdi before meeting the Niger River at Lokoja.

Does the Niger river start in Sierra Leone?

The source of the Niger River farthest away from the mouth is in the mountains of Guinea near the border with Sierra Leone. Together with several tributaries it traverses the interior plateau of Guinea flowing north-east towards the border with Mali.

Where is the source of the Niger river in which direction does it flow and where is its delta?

where is the source of the Niger river? in which direction does it flow and where is its delta? in the guinea highlands. it flows north east but then turns and flows south-east. the delta is in western Africa crossing through southern Nigeria.

Where is the river Niger located?

The Niger River in the western region of Africa is used for irrigation power production and transportation. Niger River principal river of western Africa. With a length of 2 600 miles (4 200 km) it is the third longest river in Africa after the Nile and the Congo.

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Where is the Congo River located?

central Africa
Congo River formerly Zaire River river in west-central Africa. With a length of 2 900 miles (4 700 km) it is the continent’s second longest river after the Nile.

Where did Benue river start?

Northern Cameroon
The River Benue has its origins in the Adamawa Plateau of Northern Cameroon. The Lagdo Dam a 40m high dam has been built across the river about 50km upstream of Garoua a major town on the river in Northern Cameroon.Jul 3 2013

Who built river Niger Bridge?

Feasibility studies and design considerations on the possibility of constructing a bridge across River Niger from Asaba to Onitsha was carried out by the Netherlands Engineering Consultants of The Hague Holland (NEDECO) in the 1950s Between 1964 and 1965 French construction giant Dumez constructed the Niger Bridge …

Who Found river Niger?

Mungo Park (explorer)
Mungo Park
Born 11 September 1771 Selkirkshire Scotland
Died 1806 (aged 35) Bussa Nigeria
Nationality British
Alma mater University of Edinburgh

Which river crosses the equator twice?

the Congo River
Measured along with the Lualaba the main tributary the Congo River has a total length of 4 370 km (2 715 mi). It is the only major river to cross the equator twice.

What is the original name of river Niger?

egerou n-igereou

countries though the whole basin covers nine countries of West Africa that together represent a kaleidoscope of cultures and landscapes. The original name of the river “egerou n-igereou” which means the “river of rivers” was given by the Tuareg expressing the exceptional character they attributed to it.

Where do the Niger Gambia and Senegal rivers all have their source?

Guinea Highlands as the Source of Niger River

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The source is only 200 miles (320 kilometers) north of the Atlantic Ocean. The highlands extend to three more countries namely Sierra Leone Liberia and Ivory Coast. Other than the Niger River the highlands are a source of 22 other rivers including Gambia and Senegal.

Who named Nigeria?

journalist Flora Shaw

Like so many modern African states Nigeria is the creation of European imperialism. Its very name – after the great Niger River the country’s dominating physical feature – was suggested in the 1890s by British journalist Flora Shaw who later became the wife of colonial governor Frederick Lugard.

In which province is the Orange river?

province of Free State
Along its course the river forms the eastern boundary of the South African province of Free State as well as the boundary between Namibia and South Africa. Physical features of Southern Africa Encyclopædia Britannica Inc.

In which region of the African continent is the Niger river located?

western Africa

The Niger River basin located in western Africa covers 7.5% of the continent and spreads over ten countries (Map 2 and Table 12).

What are the two major rivers in Nigeria?

The major rivers of Nigeria are found in these lowland areas. Nigeria has two major rivers the Niger after which the country is named and the Benue. They meet at the Lokoja confluence and enter the Gulf of Guinea through a network of creeks and distributaries which form the Niger Delta.

Where is Congo River deepest?

Where does the Congo river flow through? The Congo is the deepest river in the world. Its headwaters are in the north-east of Zambia between Lake Tanganyika and Lake Nyasa (Malawi) 1760 metres above sea level it flows into the Atlantic Ocean.

What is deepest river in the world?

lower Congo
But even more impressive is the canyon that the lower Congo cuts as it empties out to sea. It’s the deepest river in the world.Sep 28 2015

Which is the longest river in Africa?

Nile River
Nile River: Longest river in Africa ‘Blue Nile River Dam’ dey cause Egypt-Ethiopia kasala – Read wetin you need to know.Jul 22 2020

What is the name of the place where two rivers meet?


A confluence occurs when two or more flowing bodies of water join together to form a single channel. Confluences occur where a tributary joins a larger river where two rivers join to create a third or where two separated channels of a river having formed an island rejoin downstream.

How did Osun become a River?

Osun River in Osun state-source of origin. … It is one of the several rivers ascribed in local mythology to have been women who turned into flowing waters after some traumatic event frightened or angered them.

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Where is the source of River Ethiope?


The River Ethiope is located in the Delta State of Nigeria. It begins in the community of Umuaja where is emerges from the earth at the base of a giant silk cottonwood tree – a place of worship for adherents to the traditional Olokun and Igbe religions.

Who is building second Niger bridge?

Nigerian govt will complete 2nd Niger Bridge next year – Fashola. Babatunde Fashola Minister of works and housing.

When did 2nd Niger bridge start?

February 2022

Does River Niger and Benue mix?

Rivers Niger and Benue are the two largest rivers in West Africa. The two rivers meet at Lokoja in Kogi state forming a Y-shaped structure in what appears to be a magnificent union and draining southwards into the ocean. … Lokoja it is where the two great rivers: Niger and Benue meet.

How old is river Niger Bridge?


Where did Mungo Park drown?

In 1812 it was learned that when the explorers reached the rapids at Bussa about 1 000 miles below Sansanding they were attacked by local inhabitants and Park was drowned.

Which brothers discovered the source of river Niger?

He and his brother John were the first Europeans to follow the course of the River Niger and discover that it led to the Atlantic.
Richard Lander
Died 6 February 1834 (aged 29) Nigeria
Cause of death Injuries from a musket ball wound
Nationality British
Occupation Explorer

What is the deepest river in the United States?

the Hudson River

The deepest river in the United States is the Hudson River which reaches 200 feet deep at some points.

Are there crocodiles in the Congo river?

The waters of the Congo contain various kinds of reptiles of which crocodiles are the most striking species. Semiaquatic tortoises are also found as are several species of water snakes.

What is the mouth of the Congo river?

Atlantic Ocean

How long is the Niger river in miles?

4 184 km

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