What Is The Most Important Reason To Be Aware Of Your Location?

What Is The Most Important Reason To Be Aware Of Your Location??

What is the most important reason to be aware of your location? When calling 911 you need to inform the dispatcher of your location. Before administering first aid you must always make sure that the scene is safe for you and your victim.

Why it is important to be aware of your location?

Location plays a huge role in attracting and retaining the best employees many of whom keep a close eye on where they’re based in order to optimize work-life balance. Good location decisions can significantly boost a company’s long-term performance. Poor ones can cost millions in lost talent productivity and capital.

When making a 911 call what are the three W’s Mcq?

When you call 911 the most important thing to do is to remain as calm as possible. The emergency dispatcher will ask details about the 5 W’s: what where who when and perhaps why. Be as concise and clear in your responses as possible to best help those in danger or need.

When sustaining electrical burn you must consult the doctor as soon as possible True or false?

In case of third degree burn do not remove clothing or apply water or fluids to the wound but rather concentrate on getting the victim to the hospital as soon as possible or call 911. If the victim suffered electrical burn make sure he/she contacts a doctor as soon as possible.

When you call 911 you should stay on the line with the dispatcher until?

When you phone for help you should stay on the line with the dispatcher until? The dispatcher tells you it’s OK to hang up. You just studied 34 terms!

What is one of the reasons to be aware of your location CPR?

What is the most important reason to be aware of your location? When calling 911 you need to inform the dispatcher of your location. Before administering first aid you must always make sure that the scene is safe for you and your victim.

Why is it important to know about your surroundings?

Knowing the environment or being aware of your surroundings is key to many a task. It’s at least one of the ways we express the importance of having all the information we need in order to reach a goal. Take for instance George Costanza. … Overcoming these problems is a major goal of the Land Warrior System.

What information do you need when calling 911?

When you call 911 be prepared to answer the call-taker’s questions which may include: The location of the emergency including the street address and room/apartment number if you’re in a large building. The phone number you are calling from. The nature of the emergency.

Who is the most important person in a first aid situation?

Incident management refers to the skills required to manage the scene of an emergency. First aiders may be ‘first on scene’ at an incident so need to know basic principles of incident management. The main principle of incident management is that you are the most important person and your safety comes first!

What should you do when you phone your emergency response number 911 quizlet?

yell for help while you start to check the ill or injured person. If no one answers your yell and immediate care isn’t needed leave for a moment while you phone your emergency response number (or 911) Next Get the first aid kit and automated external defibrillator (AED) if available.

When caring for an electrical burn it is important to remember that?

If you encounter a person with an electrical burn you should: Never go near the person until you are sure he or she is not still in contact with the power source. Turn off the power at its source and care for any life-threatening conditions.

What should be your first concern at the scene where a person has been seriously burned?

Once someone has been burned a critical first step is to identify the most appropriate on-scene care. Often this means removing the victim cooling the burn and addressing the ABCs: airway breathing and circulation.

What must a first aider ensure before approaching a casualty to treat an electrical burn?

How to treat someone with electical burns
  1. Disconnect / switch off the power supply to the area. …
  2. Assess whether the patient is breathing checking their airway to ensure they haven’t swallowed their tongue. …
  3. Treat any burns you find appropriately.
  4. If the patient is awake reassure them. …
  5. Request an ambulance.

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What happens if you accidentally call 911 and hang up right away?

If you accidentally dialed 911 do not hang up explain to the dispatcher that you called by mistake. If you hang up the dispatcher will call you back. By not answering that call the dispatcher will send police to your home.

Is it OK to call 911 and ask questions?

The questions that are being asked do not delay the dispatch of the police or fire/EMS units. Let the call-taker ask you questions — they have been trained to ask questions that will help prioritize the incident locate it and speed an appropriate response. Your answers should be brief and responsive.

Can you text 911?

Yes. While all wireless phones have the capability to dial 911 regardless if that phone is active on a network you can only send a text to 911 if you use a cell phone that has an active texting plan. Your mobile carrier’s regular texting rates will apply. Text-to-911 is a new service.

What is the importance of CPR?

CPR Can Prevent Brain Death

Between four and six minutes after the heart stops beating brain death occurs. CPR helps keep blood flowing and provides oxygen to the brain and other important organs. It gives the victim a better chance of a full recovery.

What are the 5 reasons to stop CPR?

When can I stop performing CPR on an adult?
  • You see an obvious sign of life such as breathing.
  • An AED is available and ready to use.
  • Another trained responder or EMS personnel take over.
  • You are too exhausted to continue.
  • The scene becomes unsafe.

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What are the 4 main parts of CPR?

Check that the area is safe then perform the following basic CPR steps:
  • Call 911 or ask someone else to.
  • Lay the person on their back and open their airway.
  • Check for breathing. …
  • Perform 30 chest compressions.
  • Perform two rescue breaths.
  • Repeat until an ambulance or automated external defibrillator (AED) arrives.

What does it mean to be aware of your surroundings?


When you are awake and aware of your surroundings that’s consciousness. … John Locke was the first to describe consciousness in relation to the individual referring to it as “the perception of what passes in a man’s own mind.” If you lose consciousness during the performance we’ll wake you up with some smelling salts!

What is the importance of knowing the environment?

Research has shown that an engaged learning environment increases students’ attention and focus promotes meaningful learning experiences encourages higher levels of student performance and motivates students to practice higher-level critical thinking skills.

Should I be aware of my surroundings?

There are many reasons why you should be aware of your surroundings. With the rise of global terrorism school shootings and natural disasters choosing to live out life as if any of these situations could never happen to you is like playing next to a fire. Eventually you’re going to get burned.

How does 911 know your location?

Wireless carriers provide a signal to EMS that determines your location. … 911 call centers rely on wireless companies to provide your location if you can’t. But positioning information varies by carrier and some are better than others.

What are reasons to call 911?

When in doubt refer to the top following 20 reasons why you need to call for a 911 emergency:
  • #1: Heart Attack. …
  • #2: Choking. …
  • #3: A Car Accident. …
  • #4: Fire. …
  • #5: Severe Bleeding. …
  • #6: Amputation. …
  • #7: Miscarriage. …
  • #8: Diabetic Coma.

What happens if you accidentally call 911 on Iphone?

On many iPhones if you quickly press the side button five times it can automatically call 911 for you. … Officer Timothy Peterson said if you accidentally call the emergency line the best thing you can do is stay on the phone and explain it was an accidental call.

Why is important to understand and follow the basics of first aid?

It gives you tools to prevent the situation from becoming worse. In some situations if a patient doesn’t receive basic first aid care immediately their situation will deteriorate – often rapidly. By being able to provide basic care you can stabilize a patient until emergency medical services arrives.

What are some important considerations when checking the airway of a casualty?

look to see if their chest is rising and falling. listen over their mouth and nose for breathing sounds. feel their breath against your cheek for 10 seconds.

What is the most important rule to remember in case of emergency and why?

As in any emergency situation the most important rule is to always think SAFETY. Following basic safety precautions helps to keep you and other bystanders safe and assists the trained first responders in identifying and controlling the release.

What is the most important protection you have when giving first aid?

Using personal protective gear is an important strategy to minimize the risk of blood and bodily fluid exposure. If the person is bleeding always wear gloves and protective eyewear when giving first aid care.

Do you think it is important to have knowledge on first aid Why or why not?

It encourages healthy and safe living.

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A trained person is better able to assess their surroundings. Knowledge of first aid promotes a sense of safety and well-being amongst people. Having an awareness and desire to be accident-free keeps you safer and reduces the number of causalities and accidents.

Which of the following is one of the most important precautions you have when giving first aid?

Universal Precaution

While helping the victim protect yourself from transmission of possible diseases/infections. Use preventive breathing barriers / personal protective equipment (PPE) when available. Try to cover your own cuts sores wounds and any skin conditions with a proper bandage before responding.

What should you be aware of when treating an electrical burn?

Cool the burn with cool or lukewarm running water for 20 minutes as soon as possible after the injury. Never use ice iced water or any creams or greasy substances like butter. Keep yourself or the person warm. Use a blanket or layers of clothing but avoid putting them on the injured area.

Why would raising the burned area above the heart help when treating a victim?

Raise the body part that is burned above the level of the heart. Protect the burn area from pressure and friction. If an electrical injury may have caused the burn DO NOT touch the victim directly.

What happens when you get an electrical burn?

An electrical burn is a skin burn that happens when electricity comes in contact with your body. When electricity comes in contact with your body it can travel through your body. When this happens the electricity can damage tissues and organs. This damage can be mild or severe – and it can even cause death.

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