What Is The Greek Word For City-State?

What Is The Greek Word For City-state?

A city-state or polis was the community structure of ancient Greece. Each city-state was organized with an urban center and the surrounding countryside. Characteristics of the city in a polis were outer walls for protection as well as a public space that included temples and government buildings.Mar 15 2019

What was the ancient word for city-state?

Polis plural poleis literally means city in Greek. It could also mean citizenship and body of citizens. In modern historiography “polis” is normally used to indicate the ancient Greek city-states like Classical Athens and its contemporaries so polis is often translated as “city-state”.

What is city in ancient Greek?

Polis (/ˈpɒlɪs/ US: /ˈpoʊlɪs/ Greek: πόλις Ancient Greek pronunciation: [pólis]) plural poleis (/ˈpɒleɪz/ πόλεις Ancient Greek pronunciation: [póleːs]) literally means “city” in Greek.

What is the Greek word of politics which means city-state?


Politeia (πολιτεία) is an ancient Greek word used in Greek political thought especially that of Plato and Aristotle. Derived from the word polis (“city-state”) it has a range of meanings from “the rights of citizens” to a “form of government”.

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What is ASTY in Greek?

Asty (Greek: ἄστυ Ancient Greek: [ásty]) is an ancient Greek word denoting the physical space of a city or town especially as opposed to the political concept of a polis which encompassed the entire territory and citizen body of a city-state.

What is the Greek word of state?

Become a Study.com member to unlock this answer! The Greek word for city-state is polis or in the plural form poleis. A polis was a centralized urban area. Each Greek city-state or polis had…

What was the first Greek city-state?

Argos was one of the oldest city-states in Ancient Greece but it first became a major power under the tyrant Pheidon during the 7th century BC. During Pheidon’s reign Argos introduced silver coins as well as a standard system of weights and measures that later became known as the Pheidonian measures.

What are the 5 Greek city-states?

Ancient Greek city-states are known as polis. Although there were numerous city-states the five most influential were Athens Sparta Corinth Thebes and Delphi.

What was Sparta’s focus as a city-state?

Sparta’s focus as a city-state was military. They trained young men to become soldiers. They were like the Hikkos and the Assyrians and Unlike the Phoenicians or the Mionaons.

What kind of states are city-states?

Simply stated a city-state is an independent country that exists completely within the borders of a single city. Originating in late 19th century England the term has also been applied to the early world superpower cities such as ancient Rome Carthage Athens and Sparta.

What does the word city-states mean?

city-state a political system consisting of an independent city having sovereignty over contiguous territory and serving as a centre and leader of political economic and cultural life.

What is the meaning of Athens?

Definitions of Athens. the capital and largest city of Greece named after Athena (its patron goddess) “in the 5th century BC ancient Athens was the world’s most powerful and civilized city” synonyms: Athinai Greek capital capital of Greece. example of: national capital.

What was the largest city-state in ancient Greece?


Even Athens by far the largest of all city-states only contained an estimated population of about 200 000 people in the year 500 BC.

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Who first used the word state?

machiavelli popularized the word state.

What were the two most powerful city states in Greece?

Of these Athens and Sparta were the two most powerful city-states. Athens was a democracy and Sparta had two kings and an oligarchic system but both were important in the development of Greek society and culture.

What is the capital city of Greece?


What are the five main city-states of the Phoenicians?

Tyre Sidon Beirut and Byblos were regarded as the most important. The Phoenicians had considerable autonomy and their cities were reasonably well developed and prosperous.

When was Greece divided into city-states?

1For a long time the formation of Greek city-states between the eighth and the sixth century BCE has been understood as the creation of a specific set of institutions in response to a profound economic social and political crisis.

What was the same in all Greek city-states?

All Greek city-states used the same language honored the same ancient heroes participated in common festivals prayed to the same gods. … Their similarities were all citizens were men they believed in the same gods men received military training and they were both located in the Aegean region.

Is Sparta a city-state?

Spartan Society

Sparta also known as Lacedaemon was an ancient Greek city-state located primarily in the present-day region of southern Greece called Laconia.

What is the top of the Parthenon called?

Dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena the Parthenon sits high atop a compound of temples known as the Acropolis of Athens.

Is Athens a city-state?

There grew to be over 1 000 city-states in ancient Greece but the main poleis were Athína (Athens) Spárti (Sparta) Kórinthos (Corinth) Thíva (Thebes) Siracusa (Syracuse) Égina (Aegina) Ródos (Rhodes) Árgos Erétria and Elis. Each city-state ruled itself.

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What city-state was on Attica?


Attica Modern Greek Attikí ancient district of east-central Greece Athens was its chief city. Bordering the sea on the south and east Attica attracted maritime trade.

What city-state did Sparta fight during the Peloponnesian War?

The Peloponnesian War was a war fought in ancient Greece between Athens and Sparta—the two most powerful city-states in ancient Greece at the time (431 to 405 B.C.E.). This war shifted power from Athens to Sparta making Sparta the most powerful city-state in the region.Mar 15 2019

What is another word for city-state?

Synonyms of city-state
  • microstate
  • ministate
  • nation-state.

Is London a city-state?

The City of London is a city ceremonial county and local government district that contains the historic centre and the primary central business district (CBD) of London.
City of London
Status Sui generis city and ceremonial county
Sovereign state United Kingdom
Country England
Region London

What is the largest city-state in the world?

As the world’s biggest urban area Tokyo has a population that accounts for more than a quarter of all of Japan. On the next slide discover what the world’s biggest cities will be in 2035.

What is Sparta Ancient Greece?

Sparta was a city-state located in the southeastern Peloponnese region of ancient Greece. Sparta grew to rival the size of the city-states Athens and Thebes by subjugating its neighboring region of Messenia. Though Sparta absorbed this population it did not integrate the conquered people into society.

What were the 3 most important city-states in ancient Greece?

Some of the more important city-states in ancient Greece were Athens Sparta Mycenae and Corinth.

Is citystate a word?


n. a sovereign state consisting of an autonomous city with its dependencies.

How Did Greek City-States Work?

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