What Is A Cove?

What does the slang word cove mean?

cove in American English

(koʊv ) noun. British Slang. a boy or man chap fellow.

What is a cove on a house?

Concave or cratered corner molding. A hollow cornice.

What are some examples of a cove?

The definition of a cove is a sheltered or covered area such as a bay or a nook in cliffs. An example of a cove is a small area on the beach shielded by rocks. A fellow a man. A narrow gap or pass between hills or woods.

What is a cove in geography?

A cove is a type of small sheltered bay on the coast of an ocean lake or river. Sometimes coves are smaller inlets of larger bays or lagoons. … Coves usually have narrow entrances. This protects the water of the cove from the turbulent currents and waves of the larger body of water.

What does prow stand for?

Public Right Of Way

Acronym Definition
PROW Public Right Of Way
PROW Prothonotary Warbler (bird species)
PROW Protein Reviews on the Web
PROW Programmatic Registry Operations Workgroup (immunization registries)

What does Loughed mean?

1 chiefly Irish : lake. 2 chiefly Irish : a bay or inlet of the sea.

What is a cove vs bay?

A cove is a small bay or a coastal inlet. It has a narrow and restricted entrance and is often circular or oval in shape. … The rocks are eroded to form circular or oval bays with narrow inlets. Coves are different from bays and gulfs in that the latter two have larger or broader entrances.

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What lives in a cove?

Animals noted for their abundance and diversity in cove forest habitats include salamanders birds and small mammals.

What does a coved ceiling look like?

A coved ceiling is a rounded curved framing detail located where your wall and ceiling join together. … Unlike typical crown molding it has a rounded look with a radius connecting the ceiling and wall. This particular ceiling will eliminate those hard 90 degree angles by creating a soft smooth and rounded finish.

What are some famous coves?

  • Jade Cove. Big Sur California. …
  • Sirius Cove Sydney Australia. …
  • Aquinnah Beach. Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts. …
  • Black Sand Beach. Vik Iceland. …
  • Oswald West State Park. Manzanita Oregon Coast. …
  • Moss Cove. Little Corn Island Nicaragua. …
  • Odeceixe Beach. Aljezur Portugal. …
  • Flamenco Beach. Culebra Puerto Rico.

Where are coves found?

Coves are often found along the coast of the ocean but they can also be found along the shores of lakes and rivers. Because of the small entrance to a cove the water in the cove is usually calmer than that in other bodies of water such as rivers or and oceans which move a lot and can be quite fast.

Where can I find a cove?

Where Can a Cove Be Found? Coves all over the world can be found on ocean coastlines large bays intracoastal waterways lakes and river shorelines.

What is a cove in architecture?

coving in architecture concave molding or arched section of wall surface. An example is the curved soffit connecting the top of an exterior wall to a projecting eave.

How would you describe a cove?

A cove is a small type of bay or coastal inlet. Coves usually have narrow restricted entrances are often circular or oval and are often situated within a larger bay. Small narrow sheltered bays inlets creeks or recesses in a coast are often considered coves.

Do coves have waves?

Its 2 principal characteristics include a sheltered entrance and a bay or inlet-like shape. Coves can be anywhere between 100 and 1 000 feet in width. Because of its sheltered entrance the water within the cove is calm and lack waves or rapid currents.

What is prow k8s?

Prow is a Kubernetes based CI/CD system. Jobs can be triggered by various types of events and report their status to many different services. In addition to job execution Prow provides GitHub automation in the form of policy enforcement chat-ops via /foo style commands and automatic PR merging.

What is a public right of way?

An easement or right of way is a contract made between parties to give an individual a company a council or other authority (grantee) the right to use a landowner’s property (grantor) for a particular purpose. … Most easements are registered on the title of the property and remain as the land is bought and sold.

What does the Irish word loch mean in English?


Loch (/lɒx/) is the Scottish Gaelic Scots and Irish word for a lake or sea inlet. … In English English and Hiberno-English the anglicised spelling lough is commonly found in place names in Lowland Scots and Scottish English the spelling “loch” is always used.

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Where does the word lough come from?

Lough is a Hiberno-English form of the Old Irish word loch which means lake or bay.

What is Tawa called in English?

noun. clay pigeon(m)

What is smaller than a cove?

basin. a hollow or depression in the earth’s surface wholly or partly surrounded by higher land: river basin. bay. a body of water forming an indentation of the shoreline larger than a cove but smaller than a gulf.

Are a cove and a cave the same?

As nouns the difference between cave and cove is that cave is a large naturally-occurring cavity formed underground or in the face of a cliff or a hillside while cove is or cove can be (british) a fellow a man.

What’s the difference between a harbor and a port?

A port is a commercial section on the shores of a sea with facilities such as cranes warehouse and docks that support trade and transport. A harbor is a place on the shores which offers storage or parking for water vessels.

What is an old cove?

(noun) in the sense of fellow. Definition. a fellow. (old-fashioned slang) I’ve always thought of him as a decent old cove.

What can I bring to the cove?

Bring a few extra shovels for chests and oysters. Bandages are useful for occasional bleed attacks specifically from Uca Crushers who have “arterial pinch”. Holy Water may be useful for Fish Idols. Antivenom may be useful for Brackish Tide Pools.

Does a beach have to be by the ocean?

A beach is a narrow gently sloping strip of land that lies along the edge of an ocean lake or river. Materials such as sand pebbles rocks and seashell fragments cover beaches. Most beach materials are the products of weathering and erosion.

Are coved ceilings expensive?

Cove Ceilings are a beautiful addition to any room or hallway. However they are usually very expensive and time consuming.

What is the purpose of a cove ceiling?

Coved ceiling designs offer a number of benefits to homeowners. They add flair to boring ceiling designs and help to make a home stand out from others on the market. Curved ceilings also help to smooth and soften hard lines giving the home an elegant comfortable feel.

What is meant by a cove ceiling?

Definition of cove ceiling

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: a ceiling the part of which next the wall is constructed in a cove.

How did the Cathedral Cove form?

Cathedral cove is formed by the surge of seawater on the cliff. It grew through the erosion of sea water through the cracks of the cliff. … Over the years the sea will take away the rock which will enlarge the hole in the cliff. This will allow to create the cellars such as Whanganui-A-Hei (Cathedral Cove) or Etretat.

Is Lulworth cove sheltered?

Lulworth Cove is a sheltered cove with white stones on the beach. Because of its sheltered position bathing is usually safe here. Dogs are allowed here all year round. If bringing them down to the beach from the car park please keep them on a lead on the left hand side of the walkway.

Where is Jade Beach in California?

Big Sur
Jade Cove in Big Sur California Jade Cove is a rocky cove south of Sand Dollar Picnic Area on the southern Big Sur Coast. Jade Cove is known for the jade stones that have been plucked from these waters for years.

How are coves formed a level geography?

Sometimes the outer hard rock is punctured allowing the sea to erode the softer rocks behind. This creates a cove a circular area of water with a relatively narrow entrance from the sea.

What is a cove water?

A cove is a small sheltered part of an ocean’s coast. … The water in a cove is calmer than the open ocean and the cove itself is often oval or circular in shape. The earliest meaning of cove was “den or cave ” and later “small bay ” probably influenced by a Scottish meaning of the word “hollow place in coastal rocks.”

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