What Does The Word Inhabited Mean

What does the word inhabited?

1 : to occupy as a place of settled residence or habitat : live in inhabit a small house. 2 : to be present in or occupy in any manner or form the human beings who inhabit this tale— Al Newman. intransitive verb.

What does inhabited by people mean?

Word forms: inhabits inhabiting inhabited. transitive verb. If a place or region is inhabited by a group of people or a species of animal those people or animals live there.

What is the full meaning of inhabitant?

Definition of inhabitant

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: one that occupies a particular place regularly routinely or for a period of time inhabitants of large cities the tapeworm is an inhabitant of the intestine.

What is the legal definition of inhabited?

One who has his domicil in a place is an inhabitant of that place one who has an actual fixed residence in a place. 2. A mere intention to remove to a place will not make a man an inhabitant of such place although as a sign of such intention he may have sent his wife and children to reside there.

What does the word inhabit mean in the Bible?

Archaic. to live or dwell as in a place.

What is an example of inhabited?

The definition of inhabit is to live in or occupy a place. An example of inhabit is when raccoons live in your attic. … Old childhood memories inhabit the attic.

Does inhibit mean stop?

to restrain hinder arrest or check (an action impulse etc.). to prohibit forbid. Psychology. to consciously or unconsciously suppress or restrain (psychologically or sociologically unacceptable behavior). Chemistry. to decrease the rate of action of or stop (a chemical reaction).

What do you call people who inhabit a place?

inhabitant. the “inhabit” family.

What is the opposite of inhabited?

Antonyms: depopulated unoccupied unpeopled unsettled unpopulated deserted unfrequented untenanted derelict solitary abandoned uninhabited lonely.

What are inhabitants?

inhabitant. / (ɪnˈhæbɪtənt) / noun. a person or animal that is a permanent resident of a particular place or region.

What is the difference between habitants and inhabitants?

As nouns the difference between habitant and inhabitant

is that habitant is (canada) a member of habitation colony at stadacona founded by samuel de champlain where quebec city now lies while inhabitant is someone or thing who lives in a place.

What what literally means the original inhabitants?

Answer: Adivasis is the right answer.

What is the sentence of inhabited?

(1) The woods are inhabited by many wild animals. (2) This neighborhood is inhabited by rich people. (3) Nomads have inhabited this region for thousands of years. (4) There were no outward signs that the house was inhabited.

What does inhabited island mean?

adjective. having inhabitants occupied lived in or on: an inhabited island.

What does inhabited building mean?

Regulations in 27 CFR 181.11 define “inhabited building” as any building regularly occupied in whole or in part as a habitation for human beings or any church schoolhouse railroad station store or other structure where people are accustomed to assemble except any building occupied in connection with the …

What is the root for inhabited?

inhabitant Add to list Share. … The noun inhabitant comes from the verb inhabit or “to live in ” which in turn is rooted in the Latin word inhabitare “to dwell in or to live in.”

What does it mean by inhibiting?

1 : to prohibit from doing something. 2a : to hold in check : restrain. b : to discourage from free or spontaneous activity especially through the operation of inner psychological or external social constraints. intransitive verb. : to cause inhibition.

What does Ed mean in inhabited?

WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2021. in•hab•it•ed (in hab′i tid) adj. having inhabitants occupied lived in or on:an inhabited island.

What does virtually uninhabited mean?

: not occupied or lived in by people : not inhabited an uninhabited island/house.

How do you use inhabit in a sentence?

Inhabit sentence example
  1. Those which inhabit temperate latitudes hibernate. …
  2. Alligators inhabit the southern river-bottoms and there are some rattlesnakes on the uplands. …
  3. She was expecting some sort of alien monster to inhabit the brutal planet.

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What is uninhibited behaviour?

If you describe a person or their behaviour as uninhibited you mean that they express their opinions and feelings openly and behave as they want to without worrying what other people think.

What is an uninhibited person?

The prefix “un-” means “not ” making the meaning of uninhibited “not inhibited not restrained or holding back.” Someone who is uninhibited is not afraid to act however he or she wishes.

What is a better word for Which?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms antonyms idiomatic expressions and related words for which like: that and which and-that what whichever who whatever thus for-which therefore and so-that. Words That Rhyme With Orange.

What do you call people living in a village?

People who live in villages are often called “villagers”.

What is someone called who lives in a country but is not a citizen?

Undocumented Non-citizen – A person who is in a country in which he or she is not a citizen without any legal right or permission to be present and can be removed by that country. (Other terms have been used including “illegal alien ” “undocumented worker ” “undocumented migrant.”)

What do you call someone who lives in the suburbs?

suburbanite. noun. someone who lives in a suburb.

What is the similar word of inhabited?

In this page you can discover 26 synonyms antonyms idiomatic expressions and related words for inhabited like: settled occupied lived-in owned colonized dwelt in rented tenanted developed populated and peopled.

What part of speech is inhabit?

transitive verb

part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: inhabits inhabiting inhabited

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What is the synonym of Occupy?

hold be in fill have. informal hold down. 4’I need something to occupy my mind’ engage busy employ distract absorb engross preoccupy hold hold the attention of immerse interest involve entertain divert amuse beguile.

Is inhabitants a real word?

the plural of inhabitant.

What are inhabitants kids?

A population is the number of living people that live together in the same place. A city’s population is the number of people living in that city. These people are called inhabitants or residents. The population includes all individuals that live in that certain area.

What literally means the original inhabitants Class 8?


The term ‘Adivasi‘ literally means ‘original inhabitants’ – are communities who lived and often continue to live in close association with forests.

Which term means to exclude or banish an individual or a group?

Answer: Explore ‘ostracize‘ in the dictionary. or ostracise. (verb) in the sense of exclude. to exclude or banish (a person) from a particular group or from society.

How do you use disregarding?

1. It had involved disregarding Rosa’s quite explicit wishes. 2. Security men seized him disregarding western observers.

What is the meaning of the word INHABITED?

What does Inhabited mean?

What is the meaning of the word INHABIT?

INHABITED – Meaning and Pronunciation

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