The State Of Hawaii Has Just One Area Code. What Is It?

The State Of Hawaii Has Just One Area Code. What Is It??

Area code 808

Does Hawaii only have one area code?

What is the area code of Hawaii? Hawaii which attracts at least 10 Million tourists per year has on and only one area code. The island city got its first area code 808 in the year 1959.

What is Hawaii’s area code?

Hawaii/Area codes
Area code 808 encompasses Honolulu and the entire Hawaiian islands meaning your business will have access to over 1.3 million people in the state.

What states have only 1 area code?

Montana is one of only eleven states with a single area code. As of 2021 three of those states border Montana: Wyoming (307) North Dakota (701) and South Dakota (605). The other seven are Alaska (907) Delaware (302) Hawaii (808) New Hampshire (603) Maine (207) Rhode Island (401) and Vermont (802).

Is Hawaii getting a new area code?

This means Hawaii residents will need to include area code 808 before dialing the phone number they want to reach or the call may not be completed. This change applies to all local calls including those on the same island. … That number will be activated on July 16 2022.

Does Hawaii have a flag?

U.S. state flag consisting of alternating horizontal stripes of white red and blue with the Union Jack in the canton.

Is Hawaii an international call?

Hawaii and Alaska are considered offshore numbers because they are not part of the continental U.S. In order to make Grasshopper calls to offshore numbers you have to enable international calling for your account. However you can still receive calls from Hawaii and Alaska without activating international calling.

What is an area code?

By State and Country
Alabama 205 251 256 334 938
Alaska 907
Arizona 480 520 602 623 928
Arkansas 479 501 870
California 209 213 279 310 323 408 415 424 442 510 530 559 562 619 626 628 650 657 661 669 707 714 747 760 805 818 820 831 858 909 916 925 949 951

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What is Oahu ZIP code?

Oahu Postal Zip Codes
Aiea 96701
Honolulu 96801 – 96814
Waikiki 96815
Waialae / Kahala 96816
Kapalama 96817

What area code is 802?

State of Vermont

Area code 802 is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the U.S. State of Vermont. AT&T established the numbering plan area (NPA) for the entire state with one of the original area codes in October 1947 and it remains Vermont’s only area code.

What are the 11 states with only one area code?

Twelve states have only one area code. Besides Montana they’re Alaska Delaware Hawaii Idaho Maine New Hampshire North Dakota Rhode Island South Dakota Vermont and Wyoming.

Why does Montana have only one area code?

A 2013 PSC order required telecom companies to free-up millions of additional phone numbers that weren’t being used. The Federal Communications Commission this week gave Montana its permission to act on that order.

Are there any area codes that start with 1?

No other country has a country calling code that begins with 1 either. Outside of the NANP if you consider the 1+area code as a single four number block the 674 area codes in North America can each be dialed equivalent to a country code.

What is Honolulu area code?

Honolulu/Area codes
Area code 808 is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the Hawaiian Islands comprising the windward and the leeward islands.

Why do I have to dial area code now?

Callers in nine California area codes will be required to dial 10 digits to make phone calls starting Sunday. … The changes which will affect thousands of California residents stem from federal rules that will make it easier for callers to reach crisis resources.

How do I dial Hawaii?

Dial the 7-digit local phone number.
  1. If you’re calling from the U.S. or Canada you will dial: 1 808 1234567.
  2. If you’re calling internationally from Europe for example you will dial: 00 1 808 1234567.
  3. If you’re calling from Australia you will dial: 11 1 808 1234567.

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Why Do Hawaiians fly the flag upside down?

HONOLULU Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) – At the protest on Mauna Kea and at rallies across the state Thirty Meter Telescope opponents have waved a Hawaiian flag ― that’s upside down. … The inverted flag is an internationally recognized symbol of a nation in distress and a sign of protest to the American government.

What is Hawaii’s state bird?


What is Hawaii’s state flower?

Yellow hibiscus

Can I call Hawaii for free?

You can also make free phone calls to Hawaiian mobiles. Just dial the same easy access number 0845 222 6666 followed by the full Hawaii mobile number that you want to call starting 001808 as usual.

What’s the airport code for Honolulu?


Can I call Hawaii on my Verizon cell phone?

You could absolutely call and ask. You may also want to look into a nationwide calling plan if you travel outside your area.

How do I know my area code?

Step 1: Visit and login to Step 2: Click on ‘Profile Settings’ and click on ‘My profile’ as shown below. Step 3: Click on ‘PAN Card’ and it will display all the details along with the details of Area Code AO Type Range Code AO Number and Jurisdiction as shown below.

What is my area code number?


Area codes
Area code Region State or territory
02 Central East New South Wales Australian Capital Territory
03 South East Victoria Tasmania
04 Mobile telephones Australia-wide
07 North East Queensland

What area code is 727?

Area code 727 covers Pinellas County Florida (including St. Petersburg Clearwater and Pinellas Park among many other municipalities but excluding the majority of Oldsmar) and the western third of Pasco County (including Port Richey New Port Richey and Holiday).

What is Hawaii zip code?

Zip Codes in Hawaii 2021
Zip Code City County
96822 Honolulu Honolulu County
96786 Wahiawa Honolulu County
96740 Kailua Kona Hawaii County
96701 Aiea Honolulu County

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What is Hawaii Kai zip code?


It abuts Hawaii Kai ZIP code 96825 the state’s second-wealthiest community.

What is Maui ZIP code?

Zip Code List County – Maui County Hawaii
Zip Code City County
96732 Kahului Maui County
96733 Kahului Maui County
96742 Kalaupapa Maui County
96748 Kaunakakai Maui County

What area code is 609 belong to?

New Jersey

The 609 area code serves portions of central and southeastern New Jersey. Some of the cities served by the 609 area code include Atlantic City Burlington Fort Dix Northfield Ocean City Pleasantville Princeton Trenton and Willingboro. The 640 area code will cover the same geographic area as the 609 area code.

What area code is 608?

Madison Wisconsin is in the 608 area code in Dane County Wisconsin.

What area code is 603 belong to?

state of New Hampshire

Area code 603 is the sole area code for the U.S. state of New Hampshire in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). It was created as one of the original 86 numbering plan areas in October 1947.

What is the least used area code?

Area code 906 was assigned in an area code split of numbering plan area (NPA) 616 on March 19 1961 in a flash cut which means no permissive dialing period was implemented. 906 is among the least populous numbering plan areas in North America serving only about 320 000 people.

What area codes are not in use?

Code Territory or use Notes
221 not in use
222 not in use easily recognizable code (ERC)
223 Pennsylvania (Harrisburg Gettysburg Lancaster York and most of south-central Pennsylvania) 2017 overlaid on 717

Where is a 615 area code?


The 615 area code generally covers the north-central portion of the state of Tennessee serving communities such as Franklin Gallatin Hendersonville Lebanon Murfreesboro Nashville and Springfield.

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