How Old Is Telemachus In The Odyssey

How Old Is Telemachus In The Odyssey?

Telemachus is between twenty and twenty-one years old in The Odyssey. His exact age is not given. However he was a baby when his father left for the…

How old is Telemachus at the beginning of The Odyssey?

An infant when Odysseus left for Troy Telemachus is about twenty at the beginning of the story.

Who killed Telemachus?


127 comp. Telegonus) or that he married Cassiphone a daughter of Circe but in a quarrel with his mother-in-law he slew her for which in his turn he was killed by Cassiphone (Tzetz.

Is Telemachus Odysseus only child?

Telemachus in Greek mythology son of the Greek hero Odysseus and his wife Penelope. When Telemachus reached manhood he visited Pylos and Sparta in search of his wandering father.

Is Telemachus a girl or boy?

Telemachus Origin and Meaning

The name Telemachus is a boy’s name. Famously the name of Odysseus and Penelope’s son in “The Odyssey.”

How old is Telemachus when he meets his father?

As the epic opens Telemachus about 21 years old is on the brink of manhood uncertain and insecure in his potential power and in grave danger from the suitors who would prefer to see him dead.

Does Telemachus become a man?

Throughout The Odyssey Telemachus grows in character from an unprepared teen to a young man who could one day rule Ithaca. He has many experiences traveling to learn more about his father and many that occur on Ithaca once Odysseus returns. All of these events help to shape him into the assertive young man he becomes.

Is Laertes a God?

Laertes was a mythical figure in Greek mythology son of Arcesius and Chalcomedusa. He was married to Anticlea daughter of the thief Autolycus.

Is Telemachus a name?

The name Telemachus is primarily a male name of Greek origin that means Decisive Battle.

What is Odysseus wife?

Penelope in Greek mythology a daughter of Icarius of Sparta and the nymph Periboea and wife of the hero Odysseus. They had one son Telemachus.

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How does Telemachus honor his father?

If Telemachus learns his father is dead he will honor his father with a funeral and force his mother to marry one of the suitors. ~~~~ After they eat Telemachus tells Nestor who fought alongside and was a great friend to Odysseus during the Trojan War that he is seeking information about his father.

How old was Odysseus son when he returned home?

Telemachus is between twenty and twenty-one years old in The Odyssey. His exact age is not given. However he was a baby when his father left for the…

Did Odysseus become God?

He is not a god but he does have a connection with the gods on his mother’s side of the family. While on one hunting trip Odysseus was gored by a wild boar an incident that left a scar.

Who killed Odysseus?


The royal couple together again after ten long years of separation lived happily ever after or not quite. For in a tragic final twist an aged Odysseus was killed by Telegonos his son by Circe when he landed on Ithaca and in battle unknowingly killed his own father.

What does the name Penelope mean?


Penelope is an elegant Greek name that means “weaver.” Its origin is traced back to Homer’s epic poem “The Odyssey ” a staple of Greek mythology that reached immense fame across the world. … His wife Penelope wards off countless suitors as she awaits his homecoming.

How long was Odysseus gone?

twenty years

INTRODUCTION: As the epic opens Odysseus has been gone from his home in Ithaca for twenty years. For the first ten years he was fighting in the Trojan War a conflict between the Greeks and the Trojans that began when Helen a Spartan queen married to King Menelaus was kidnapped by a young Trojan prince named Paris.

How has Telemachus mature in the Odyssey?

Through the help of Athena he learns different character traits and qualities such as bravery that helps him to mature into a man worth the title of a prince of Ithaca. Odysseus’ son the help of Athena. … Again Athena plays a huge role in the maturity of Telemachus especially on the trip to Sparta and Pylos.

Did Penelope sleep with the suitors?

Penelope recognised him immediately and instructed her maids not to reveal his identity. After the suitors were massacred Odysseus instructed Telemachus to execute the maids who he believed were in league with them. Twelve were hanged while Penelope slept.

Who did Calypso marry?

In Homer’s Odyssey Calypso attempts to keep the fabled Greek hero Odysseus on her island to make him her immortal husband while he also gets to enjoy her sensual pleasures forever. According to Homer Calypso kept Odysseus prisoner by force at Ogygia for seven years.

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How was Telemachus a hero?

Epic Hero. … Telemachus is the hero because he sacrifices his safety to achieve his goal given to him by Athena. He helps eliminate the suitors and helps his father return home.

What happened to Telegonus?

When Telegonus had grown to manhood his mother Circe sent him in search of Odysseus who by this time had finally returned to Ithaca from the Trojan War. … In the fighting he is killed by Telegonus.

Who is Tiresias in Odyssey?

Tiresias was a mythological Greek figure who was famous for his prophecies and for transforming into a woman for seven years. Tiresias was a blind prophet in Thebes a city in central Greece. He existed through seven generations in Thebes and was a prophet of Apollo.

Who is Laertes father?


Who is Achilles father?

His father was Peleus the mortal king of the Myrmidons–a people who according to legend were extraordinarily fearless and skilled soldiers. His mother was Thetis a Nereid.Mar 21 2011

Who is Odysseus’s son?


Within Greek mythology Telemachus is the son of Odysseus and Penelope. He is a character in Homer’s “Odyssey” whose story is told in the first four books named “The Telemachy”. Telemachus is very young when his father leaves for the Trojan War.

Is Charybdis a God?

Charybdis the daughter of the sea god Pontus and the earth goddess Gaia was a deadly whirlpool. … She was the daughter of Phorycs and Ceto deities of the sea who were also the parents of the Gorgons (remember Medusa from Perseus’ story?) and Graeae (three sisters who shared one eye and one tooth between them).

How did Odysseus died?

Having come to Ithaca he drove away some of the cattle and when Odysseus defended them Telegonus 3 wounded him with the spear he had in his hands which was barbed with the spine of a stingray and Odysseus died of the wound. Telegonus 3 then recognised him and bitterly lamented what he had done.

What does Telemachus symbolize?

In Greek mythology Telemachus is the son of Odysseus. … When as an infant Telemachus fell into the ocean dolphins saved him in tribute Odysseus wore the emblem of the dolphins as a symbol on his shield. The name Telemachus means “far from battle.”

Does Odysseus cheat on Penelope?

When Odysseus left Ithaca for the Trojan war he was married to Penelope. … After that Odysseus traveled to Calypso’s island. Not only did he cheat with Calypso in addition to Circe but he stayed on her island for seven years until Zeus ordered her to release him.

Who Menelaus abducted wife?

Menelaus in Greek mythology king of Sparta and younger son of Atreus king of Mycenae the abduction of his wife Helen led to the Trojan War. During the war Menelaus served under his elder brother Agamemnon the commander in chief of the Greek forces.

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What is Penelope the god of?

The wife of the hero Odysseus* in Greek mythology Penelope was celebrated for her faithfulness patience and feminine virtue. For the 20 years that her husband was away during and after the Trojan Warf Penelope remained true to him and helped prevent his kingdom from falling into other hands.

How is Orestes similar to Telemachus?

Both Telemachus and Orestes are held up as loyal and pious Greek sons who honor their fathers in an ideal way. Telemachus is actually told about Orestes and encouraged to honor his father Odysseus the way Orestes has done for his father Agamemnon.

How are Telemachus and Orestes different?

Unlike Orestes Telemachus is greatly outnumbered by the suitors particularly Antinous and Eurymachus who look to grow fat and rich off the pleasures of the house of Odysseus.In response he calls a council for the leaders of Ithaca yet he fails to speak to the men in a way that persuades them of his cause and his …

How does Nestor help Telemachus?

Nestor gives Telemachus the advice to go and visit Menelaus but to not stay away from home for too long because the suitors will destroy his belongings and everything he has (over a year is too long).

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