How Does Beowulf Kill The Dragon

How Does Beowulf Kill The Dragon?

Beowulf Fights the Dragon

Bringing along his sword and special shield Beowulf enters the lair and tells the men to wait for him. … Wiglaf stabs the dragon but is burned in the process. Beowulf manages to pull out a knife tucked in his belt and stabs the dragon. Together the king and his loyal thane kill the dragon. Bringing along his sword and special shield Beowulf enters the lair and tells the men to wait for him. … Wiglaf

He is the son of Weohstan a Swede of the Wægmunding clan who had entered the service of Beowulf king of the Geats.

What happens to the dragon at the end of Beowulf?

During the battle all Beowulf’s men fled save for his most trusted and loyal warrior Wiglaf who stayed by his king’s side to fight. Beowulf soon received fatal blow in the neck from the dragon’s venomous bite but Wiglaf impaled the dragon’s belly to reduce the flames and Beowulf deals the fatal blow.

Why does Beowulf fight the dragon?

Beowulf fights the dragon because as king he feels that it is his responsibility to protect his people. Although he doesn’t need to take on the dragon himself he does so out of a sense of duty. Beowulf is also motivated by a desire for glory.

Who helps Beowulf kill the dragon?


Main Theme
Beow Son of Scyld. Had 4 sons & daughters.
Wealhtheow Queen. Hrothgar’s wife.
Wiglaf Helps old King Beowulf slay dragon. Wechstan’s son relation of Beowulf.

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Who kills the dragon in Beowulf quizlet?

Wiglaf strikes at the dragon with Beowulf and they succeed in killing the dragon. What is Beowulf’s request of Wiglaf?

Why is the dragon a monster in Beowulf?

Although the three monsters allow Beowulf to prove his heroism in battle that’s not their only purpose in the poem. The dragon is a literal threat to the safety of Beowulf’s people but in the way it behaves it represents a moral danger too.

What does the dragon represent in Beowulf?

The dragon is a mighty and glamorous opponent an appropriate match for Beowulf. The dragon is so well suited to bring about Beowulf’s downfall in fact that some readers have seen it as a symbolic representation of death itself: the unique personal end that awaits every person.

What happens when Beowulf strikes the dragon with his sword?

When Higlac (the king of the Geats) dies Beowulf becomes king and rules for 50 years. … What happens when Beowulf strikes his enemy with his sword? He draws blood but the sword cracks and breaks off before it goes deep enough into the dragon to cause any significant wound.

What happens to Beowulf shield while fighting the dragon?

Beowulf Fights the Dragon

He shouts as he walks in and the dragon awakes. Immediately the dragon breathes fire over Beowulf. The shield holds off the flame but when Beowulf tries to strike the dragon his sword fails him and Beowulf is left unarmed.

How did Beowulf call the dragon and how did the dragon respond?

Beowulf calls the dragon by roaring out a battle cry at the entrance to the tower. The battle cry resounds throughout the tower assaulting the dragon’s ears. 8. The dragon responds angrily breathing fire and storming toward the entrance eager for battle.

Where does Beowulf go to fight the dragon?

the dragon’s lair
When the angry dragon mercilessly burns the Geats’ homes and lands Beowulf decides to fight and kill the monster personally. He and his thanes climb to the dragon’s lair where upon seeing the beast the thanes flee in terror leaving only Wiglaf to battle at Beowulf’s side.

How is the dragon defeated in Beowulf quizlet?

How is Beowulf killed? Wiglaf strikes the dragon in the throat with his sword & Beowulf cuts the dragon in half with his dagger. Beowulf died from the dragon’s venomous bite to the neck.

How does Beowulf begin his fight with the dragon quizlet?

Terms in this set (10) Why does Beowulf fight the dragon? A thief stole a jeweled cup from the dragon who began to terrorize the Geats. Beowulf decided that he needed to kill the dragon and take the treasure for people.

Is the dragon a greater or lesser threat than Grendel?

Is the dragon a greater or lesser threat than Grendel? … The dragon seems to be a worse enemy than Grendel no only because it succeeds in killing Beowulf but also because the dragon attacks randomly and widespread whereas Grendel only attacked warriors sleeping inside Heorot.

What does the dragon and its destruction symbolize in Beowulf?

The dragon in Beowulf symbolizes the forces of darkness destruction and avarice which constantly threaten to overwhelm the world.

What does Beowulf say before fighting the dragon?

Now Beowulf says he shall fight once more: against the dragon. Beowulf recounts his deeds as a warrior and then says he’ll fight the dragon. Even he seems to imply that fighting the dragon is the act of a warrior not a king.

Why does Beowulf take the dragon’s attacks so personally?

Why does Beowulf take the dragon’s attacks so personally? The dragon kills his son. The dragon kills his most trusted advisor Aeschere. The dragon burns down Beowulf’s throne-hall.

Why was Beowulf’s shield ineffective against the dragon?

Because wood shields wouldn’t work against the dragon’s fire. Following Hygelac’s death whom do the people and Hygd wish to be king? Why does he refuse? Beowulf refuses because Heardred is still alive and should be king after his father.

What goes wrong when Beowulf attempts to slay the dragon?

What goes wrong during Beowulf’s battle with the dragon? What are you led to believe about Beowulf’s ultimate fate? His sword failed. Shield fails.

Who killed Beowulf?


Sensing his own death approaching Beowulf goes to fight the dragon. With the aid of Wiglaf he succeeds in killing the beast but at a heavy cost. The dragon bites Beowulf in the neck and its fiery venom kills him moments after their encounter.

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Was Beowulf scared to fight the dragon?

Beowulf is not afraid of the dragon because he has the utmost confidence in his own strength. Every time in the past Beowulf was able to overcome his…

What preparations does Beowulf make to fight the dragon?

Beowulf’s preparations for battle with the dragon are perfectly in line with the dragon’s initial attacks. He orders a shield of iron from his blacksmiths clothes himself in chain-mail armor and carries the sword Naegling.

How is the enemy defeated Beowulf?

How is the enemy defeated? Beowulf’s sword remnant shatters and the dragon wounds him in the neck. Wiglaf strikes at the dragon with Beowulf and they succeed in killing the dragon. … Beowulf gives him his golden necklace his golden helmet his rings and mail shirt because Wiglaf will now be king.

Who assisted Beowulf when the dragon attacked him?

Unfortunately Beowulf can’t manage to kill the dragon alone and it is the young warrior Wiglaf who comes to his aid and helps him kill the dragon. Wiglaf does this out of a sense of deep duty and allegiance to his leader.

What do the geats create for Beowulf after he dies killing the dragon?

After the pyre burns down the Geats build a barrow over it. The barrow is an enormous memorial to Beowulf which takes ten days to build and it can be seen from the sea. The Geats bury jewels gold and treasures in the barrow to honor Beowulf.

What does the dragon symbolize in Beowulf quizlet?

It symbolizes the passing on of the ruler ship to warrior who is worthy and also shows Beowulf’s loyalty to his men. … He requested that his ashes be buried in a big burial mound that will be seen by ships passing by as a monument to him. It shows us that even in death Beowulf wants to remain famous even in death.

Why did Beowulf fight the fire-breathing dragon?

Why did Beowulf decided to fight the fire-breathing Dragon? Because he still believes in himself all his accomplishments including Grendel. As King it is his responsibility to stable peace in his land. … His shield melted and stabbing the Dragon did not affected the dragon.

What shocked and scared Grendel soon after he killed one of the geats?

Grendel is shocked by the bloodshedand violence between men and how they harm the animals mindlessly. The Shaper has made Hrothgar so much more amplified which scares Grendel. How does Grendel feel about the Shaper poetry?

Who is Shild Where does he come from where does he go What does he do Why does the poem begin here rather than with Hrothgar and Grendel?

Scyld is the founder of the Scyldings/Danes He comes from the sea and leaves by the sea. He united the clans. The poem begins here because Scyld has no lineage and lineage is a big theme in Beowulf.

In what ways is the dragon different from Grendel?

Both like to terrorize humans. Both obey the laws of their own natures: dragons sit on gold mounds Grendel is exiled by primordial sin and goes around eating people. But when Grendel describes how he actually gets to the dragon in this text we know this monster stands for something more… metaphysical.

Why does Beowulf believe this destruction happened?

Summarize the points he makes for Beowulf. … Why does Beowulf believe this destruction happened? he thought we broke the lord commandment. Summarize the flashback to how Beowulf became king.

What keeps Beowulf from lining up with a large army to defeat the dragon?

An intruder stole a goblet from the sleeping dragon which drove him into a rage. … What keeps Beowulf from lining up with a large army to defeat the dragon? He was too proud. Hygelac’s death is explained through a flashback.

What mistake sacrifice did Beowulf?

This enhances Beowulf’s hero status and he wants to honor his king. He is allergic to the metal used. What mistake/sacrifice did Beowulf make? He waits too long in attacking and observing Grendel and loses a man.

Why does Wiglaf think that he and his comrades should help Beowulf fight the dragon?

Why does wiglaf tell his comrades they should help Beowulf fight the dragon? Wiglaf reminds his comrades that they promised to help beowulf when he was in need. … This foreshadows Beowulf’s funeral at the poem’s end. -The story of Sigemund told by the scop or bard foreshadows Beowulf’s fight with the dragon.

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