How Did Homo Erectus Die Out

How Did Homo Erectus Die Out?

erectus likely went extinct due to climate change ” Ciochon added. “H. erectus was found with a collection of animal fossils that lived in an open woodland environment similar to the environment in Africa where it evolved. The environment at Ngandong changed and the open woodland was replaced by a rainforest.Dec 18 2019

Who killed the Homo erectus?

Climate change may have killed Homo erectus

About 120 000 to 110 000 years ago the world shifted from a glacial period to an interglacial period and temperatures rose. Java which is now mostly rainforest used to be covered in woodlands.

When was Homo erectus last?

108 000 years ago

Last appearance of Homo erectus at Ngandong Java 117 000–108 000 years ago.

Did Homo erectus survive?

Homo erectus evolved around two million years ago and was the first known human species to walk fully upright. New dating evidence shows that it survived until just over 100 000 years ago on the Indonesian island of Java – long after it had vanished elsewhere.

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